A Short Video by Nick Breakspear Inc shown at the KAAL CORROBOREE 2011

STONES – GLORIA – Is a Short Movie by Breakspear telling the story of Gloria giving him a stone that came all the way from Espiritu Santos in Vanuatu.

This video tells a story and was produced before the Corroboree over the past year in England by Breakspear Inc

It confirms what we realized at the Corroboree that it is going to take a monumentous change to be able to adapt to hearing the voice of the Aboriginal people and what God has to say through them.  It is going to take an enormous change to our mindsets and even our ways of doing things to be able to receive from God through these vessels of honor.  These carriers of the glory of God here in the Pacific Nations.

But especially to them leading the way!  How can a nation which has often thought of them as the people who often have received handouts and “have you got two bob” proceeding from their mouths.  What will it take before this nation of Australia will understand that these people are our saving grace!  I am from the Noongar nation!  Aboriginal to the South West of Western Australia!  For many years we have heard in the church, that the Aboriginal people will lead this nation in the coming great move of the Holy Spirit.  But at what cost?

I ask you to consider this question?  Will you be one of those who will help pave the way and make it possible for the first people of this land of Australia to take their place.  Or will you be someone who sits back with arms folded with a superior attitude and a smug look hoping that the people fail!   Or then again, maybe you will just ignore them and maybe they don’t even exist!  Maybe they don’t even touch your radar!